These small guitars are perfect for first time players or for children who are learning on their own.

Top Mini Guitars For Sale-Reviews & Guide

Mini guitars are not just for kids. They are also being used by people with smaller hands, beginners, and those who want to play their instrument without disturbing others around them.

Best Mini Guitars For Sale Reviews

1. EVH Minature Guitars EVH Frankenstein Mini Replica Guitar Van Halen

  • Officially licensed EVH miniature guitar
  • Handcrafted with INCREDIBLE DETAIL
  • Complete with a stand and foil-stamped collectors gift box
  • 1/4 scale official miniature replica

2. Officially Licensed JD Bass Mini Guitar

  • FAN MERCH mini guitars are the very best quality
  • This is a beautifully handcrafted, solid wood sign that has been polished and air brushed.
  • This guitar stand is adjustable so you can use it for your different sized guitars and, as a result, can keep your floor space neat and tidy.
  • AXE HEAVEN Mini guitar gift box is included

3. Axe Heaven Fender Stratocaster(TM) -Black-Polka Dots Mini Replica Guitar

  • Officially Licensed Miniature Guitar Replica
  • This 1:4 scale ornansion replica guitar is handcrafted by a single artisan.
  • The quality miniature adjustable A-Frame stands use an ergonomic design that will keep you comfortable for long rehearsals. The guitar case gift box will give you peace of mind when traveling with your instrument too.

4. Ibanez PNB14E Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar

  • African Mahogany top,, African Mahogany back & sides
  • 24.8″ scale mahogany neck w/18 fret laurel fingerboard
  • Ibanez Under Saddle pickup w/ Ibanez AEQ-2T preamp w/Onboard tuner
  • 1/4″ output
  • Case Not Included

Frequently Asked Question and Answered

Are mini guitars good?

Smaller guitars offer a lot of benefits, from higher comfort to quicker access. This has been especially popular with established musicians, who enjoy the smaller size and convenient case. A mini guitar is a great choice for musicians who are on the road + playing live, where carrying something big isn’t convenient. The size makes it much easier to play live in front of an audience.

Is it bad to learn on a small guitar?

Learning on a smaller instrument is not at all bad. A lot of people start out on smaller guitars, in some ways it’s actually easier. Have a clear goal in mind for when you’re ready to upgrade to playing an acoustic guitar

Can you learn on a small guitar?

While there are many ways to get started playing guitar, the biggest obstacle is often overcoming the sheer size of traditional guitars. This document aims to help with that.

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