Guitar Hero is a popular video game series developed by Harmonix Music Systems, published by RedOctane and distributed by Activision.

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Guitar Hero was developed for the Xbox 360 console in collaboration with Neversoft Entertainment. The game was released on November 20, 2007 in North America, on December 5, 2007 in Europe and on January 30, 2008 in Japan.

The first Guitar Hero title to be released as a full band experience and the first to introduce co-operative gameplay for lead and bass guitar players.

1. Guitar Hero Smash Hits – Xbox 360

  • The kit’s “Expert” level provides double the challenge with its two-sided kick pedal. It was introduced to Guitar Hero in Metallica.
  • For the first time, players can rock on their favorite Guitar Hero tracks through the drum kit and mic controllers individually or as a band. This has been made possible thanks to modern technology.
  • This setlist features 48 memorable songs from Guitar Hero games and includes music by: Alice in Chains, Queen, Poison, Rage Against The Machine, Twisted Sister, Joan Jett and more.
  • Online and offline gameplay modes allow up to 4 players to rock locally, battle other bands online
  • Rock Star Creator, Music Studio and GHTunes are all in-game features that allow gamers to make their own songs & share them to the world.

2. Guitar Hero Live 2-Pack Bundle – Xbox 360

  • This package includes two games: Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4.
  • Bundle contains game software and two guitar wireless controllers for the Guitar Hero Live game.

3. Guitar Hero 2 Bundle with Guitar -Xbox 360

  • Three new characters have joined Guitar Hero: Eddie Knox, Casey Lynch, Lars Umlaut. We can’t wait to see what they’ll bring!
  • The Guitar Hero II bundle comes with the game, an Xbox 360 wired controller that is compatible with all games, a guitar strap and some decals.
  • Guitar Hero II has over 70 tracks including hit songs by Van Halen, Aerosmith, Guns ‘N Roses and others.
  • In addition to the single player mode, there are also multiplayer modes available. Two players can team up in a local co op mode for some fun competition, or go head to head in Pro Face-off. One of the most iconic multiplayer options from Guitar Hero has been brought back – Face-Off!

4. Guitar Hero Aerosmith

  • Venues from memorable moments in the band’s illustrious history offer a feeling of “sweet emotion” that perfectly captures the essence of their rise to fame
  • – Added interface to reflect Aerosmith’s signature “Live Show” experience with up-to-the-second updates of the musicians’ timing and concert antics – Five newly created Aerosmith tracks you won’t find anywhere else – More than 100 authentic high quality Early Rock N’ Roll hits cataloged in the USA 9 State Tour – Exclusive interviews with Steven, Joe,
  • At the helm is Tyler, frontman for this rock band. The other band members are guitarist Perry, guitarist Whitford and bassist Hamilton. The game makes the player feel like the music industry has entered another revolution.
  • This interactive music video is a journey through Aerosmith’s most memorable songs, from their first gig to becoming rock royalty. And with 80 minutes of material starring Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, it’s the only interactive music video you’ll be able to find on VR.
  • As you play the game, the Aerosmith hits just keep coming. Fans will have access to a ton of their greatest songs, including collaborations with other musicians in some cases.

5. Guitar Hero World Tour

  • Hold a guitar, a bass, a set of drums & a mic simultaneously to play with up to 3 friends.
  • The DVD disc only, instrumentation not included
  • You can play alone or with friends.
  • Find some bands that play rock and metal like Aerosmith and Metallica

Frequently Asked Question and Answered

Is Guitar Hero compatible with Xbox 360?

The original Guitar Hero and Rock Band series don’t work because they require proprietary accessories that are not compatible with the Xbox One. Even if you have an Xbox One Kinect, it will not work on these games.

Is Guitar Hero live still playable?

The GHTV mode within Guitar Hero Live is no longer available to play as we have terminated the service for GHTV and servers were shut down. The console versions of GH Live are still operational though.

Will there ever be another Guitar Hero game?

While there is currently no official announcement regarding the future of the franchise, a new patent filed earlier this year for a music controller by Activision might point to a resurrection of the beloved game: a music-based video game that provides a user-directed sound generation feature.

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